Massive ice island 4x size of Manhattan separates from Greenland glacier – Boing Boing

August 8 2010

If a 100 square mile iceberg breaks off and there’s no-one to hear hear it

I don’t usually like just relinking BoingBoing posts because the chances are you’ve all read them already. But the news that a chunk of ice four times the size of Manhattan has broken off of the Petermann Glacier in Greenland hasn’t been picked up by any UK papers as far as I can tell*.

I have no idea whether this is related to recent warnings that 2010 could be the hottest year on record, but even it’s a slightly terrifying coincidence at the very least.

*Although it was covered in Pravda. Just goes to show.
September 10 2010 @ 21:24

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September 11 2010 @ 08:55

Bei allen persönlich begeben sich heute?

September 12 2010 @ 19:30

Mi scuso che sono interrompere voi, ma io propongo di andare un modo diverso.

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