Pass the sickbag

April 14 2009

It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so vomit inducing. Some godawful website called Ethisphere has published it’s ‘Most ethical companies of 2009‘ awards, which were spotted by The Inquirer.

Now, I’m all for believing that companies like Nike and Starbucks et al are cleaning up their act – although whenever I see news about it there’s an instinctive shit filter that pops up. But that they are now the most ethical companies on the planet? I guess that depends on your definition of ethics.

Still, this list has to be a big pot of fecal fluid. Look at the list below and guess which hippy traders are conspicuous by their omission, and which people made the cut. I’m deliberately sticking to large, well known global corporations.

American Apparel or Nike?
HSBC or Triodos/Co-op/Kiva/etc?
Pepsico or Ben & Jerry’s?
Cisco or – controversially – Mitel?

I could go on, but I’m starting to feel physically sick. I guess that the list is headed by two arms manufacturers should probably give you a clear warning that it is inherently worthless, but someone, somewhere is buying this filth. You can bet that the next press release you get from one of the semi-conductor manufacturers on there says ‘Most ethical company 2009’ as a badge of pride. And if they repeat it enough, for too many people it will become true.

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