March 28 2009

I remember weekends. Those were the things before freelance and children, right? Still, couple of sort of interesting projects to pick at today.
Number one is the first of a regular monthly column for the South African equivalent of PC World’s in store mag. It’s being published by a good friend of ours over there, Brett, who’s asked that it’s a comical look at everyday PC problems. He could, of course, have just cribbed from a netful (imperative: this word should be added to the dictionary next year) of such stories, and the fact that he’s asked me to do it means I’ll have to try to be original.

So this entry is really about a warm up for that. Pretty much what I suspect this blog will turn into, as well as a method for getting the first-person urges out of my system in a magazine world that remains solidly communal in its terms of address. Although I think I have more leeway than I suspect with Systems, must remember to ask Ross about that.

Other exciting things to play around with today: new iMac and 17inch MacBook Pro for Which reminds me – the Inq believe Orange is about to start doing discounted Apple products along with phone tariffs. Annoying as I really want a 13inch MacBook, but also want to leave Orange the second my current contract runs out.

It’s not that they haven’t been good over the years, but no coverage in my house, terrible tariffs for data and no decent handsets on the horizon are forcing me to quit after nearly 10 years with them.

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