The Kindle is ace for books

April 13 2011

But nothing else. I’ve tried really hard to like the periodicals download, really I have. I’ve paid for the Independent, the Financial Times and the New Statesman, mainly because I’ve felt so guilty reading all their content online for free for so long. But I couldn’t quite put my finger on my reading magazine articles on a Kindle was so unsatisfying, especially when I absolutely devour books on the thing and by many more of them since I got a the device.

Now I realise what it is. Half of the joy of a magazine is browsing, in the same way that websites are more engrossing when their full of informative links. I’ve had the latest copy of the Staggers on my Kindle for over a week now, but if  it hadn’t been for someone linking to this amazing story by Hugh Grant (of all people) via Facebook, I’d have missed it. The Kindle actively pushes you away from index pages and article links and almost forces you to read in a linear fashion. Which is perfect for books, of course, but terrible for news articles.

Anyway – enough wibbling about the Kindle. Go read Hugh Grant’s bugging the buggers piece for a quite incredible piece of journalism and possibly the first honest thing that’s been written about phone hacking so far.

Macrowikinomics: no Kindle edition yet

November 3 2010

My wife bought me a Kindle for our wedding anniversary. I was going to wait to buy an ereader until general purpose tablets got good enough/cheap enough, but it’s quickly turned into a vital posession that accompanies me everywhere. Even if I still have huge reservations about Amazon’s DRM, it’s ideal for catching up on classics and picking up cheap editions of books I’ve not yet read. And I could actually see myself carrying it around as well as a tablet like the Galaxy Tab eventually.

I am noticing a peculliar trait emerging, though. I’m suddenly reluctant to buy new books. Maybe it’s because I want value for money from the Kindle, or maybe it’s because our flat is already full of enough dead trees to start a library. I really want to read the new book by Don Tapscott and Anthony D Williams – Macrowikinomics – but can’t bring myself to buy the paper edition.

A shame, as the original Wikinomics is a classic, and still the best description of the new collaborative economy which describes freelance work in all industries there is.