Adam Oxford
Freelance Journalist

March 26 2009

Please forgive the rather rudimentary appearance of the site at the moment. Technical issues abound, and I’ve just not had time to fix them yet. Actually, I thought I had fixed them. Then something else broke.

I’m a freelance journalist who writes about technology.

To be a little more specific, I cover consumer electronics, PC hardware, tablets, international development, environmental issues, telecoms, open data, big data, data privacy, on and offline gaming, Africa and… that’s not much more specific, is it?

The precised version, then: I love city camps, hack days, open source, videogames, Maker Faires, empty shop initiatives and Linux. I like hyperlocal more than big media, even though it will put me out of a job in the next ten years. I get silly excited talking about mobile phones and data in sub-Saharan countries.

Want to know more? Click on my extended biography, or have a look to see if I’ve updated my blog or Twitter lately. I’m in the middle of remaking this site from scratch, and will be uploading work samples soon. In the meantime, if there’s anything you want to ask, please do.