Microlighting in Johannesburg

June 1 2013
Microlighting in Joburg_13Microlighting in Joburg_12_3Microlighting in Joburg_12_2Microlighting in Joburg_12_1Microlighting in Joburg_12Microlighting in Joburg_11_3
Microlighting in Joburg_11_2Microlighting in Joburg_11_1Microlighting in Joburg_11Microlighting in Joburg_10_3Microlighting in Joburg_10_2Microlighting in Joburg_10_1
Microlighting in Joburg_10Microlighting in Joburg_9_3Microlighting in Joburg_9_2Microlighting in Joburg_9_1Microlighting in Joburg_9Microlighting in Joburg_8_3
Microlighting in Joburg_8_2Microlighting in Joburg_8_1Microlighting in Joburg_8Microlighting in Joburg_7_3Microlighting in Joburg_7_2Microlighting in Joburg_7_1

Microlighting in Johannesburg, a set on Flickr.

So this was my Christmas present from Tamsin. Which I finally cashed in. Today. A microlight flight over the outskirts of Johannesburg/Centurion, in a pretty spectacular part of the farm belt.

Back in Brighton, we’d watched people doing some new hang-gliding/microlighting crossover thing off of Devil’s Dyke, and I mentioned I’d always fancied trying it. And now I have. Lovely.

Views were amazing, but the headwinds were pretty strong – which meant the whole ride was quite bouncy. Got some good pics though.

Also, I saw bees. Apparently, they’re kept to pollinate the maize fields, and the hives are usually moved the hives down to Cape Town this time of year for the winter crop down there (it’s too dry in Joburg to grow maize at the moment). Which seems like a long way to take bees for a holiday to me.

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