Happy with today’s progress…

April 13 2013

So I haven’t updated this much lately, despite promising myself I’d keep a record of my African ‘journey’. Part of the reason has been work, and part is that I did an eight week Coursera course on data analysis, which took up literally every spare hour I had from the end of January until mid-March. It was awesome, and I’ll blog about it properly later this week. The other reason is this:

RepRap Prusa Medel under constructionIt’s my RepRap Prusa Mendel 3D printer – I purchased most of the parts, loosely assembled, back at the end of last year before I moved to Johannesburg. It took me a while to source the bits I didn’t have – motors, electronics and so on – and I’m still missing a sheet of glass for the print bed. Today’s been the first time I’ve had chance to work on it for a while, and progress is good. In terms of the structure there’s nothing left to add barring the belts, pulleys and print bed. Tomorrow I need to start soldering together the electronics – bought as a kit from Open Hardware.

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