Just don’t Tweet and drive, alright?

February 13 2013

Mark Graham makes awesome maps comparing the real world to the virtual, and his latest – geotagged Tweets in major African cities – is another masterwork. It’s really interesting to compare the differences in social media use between, say, Cape Town and Addis Ababa. If you know the cities even passingly well there’s some other stuff they suggest too – in Johannesburg, Sowetans seem to be more prolific Tweeters than those who live in Boksburg (a big Afrikaans community).

Thing that stood out for me, though, is the sheer density of Tweets that seem to originate on the highways. Roads here are as deadly as the much vaunted murder rate, with 40 deaths a day (and many, many more injuries) on the highways and byways. Looking at these maps, you can start to understand why…

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