A trip to the Kruger

December 29 2012
Kruger Park 0090Kruger Park 0002Kruger Park 0003Kruger Park 0004Kruger Park 0005Kruger Park 0006
Kruger Park 0007Kruger Park 0008Kruger Park 0009Kruger Park 0010Kruger Park 0011Kruger Park 0012
Kruger Park 0013Kruger Park 0014Kruger Park 0015Kruger Park 0016Kruger Park 0018Kruger Park 0017
Kruger Park 0019Kruger Park 0020Kruger Park 0021Kruger Park 0022Kruger Park 0023Kruger Park 0024

Kruger Park, Christmas 2012, a set on Flickr.

The full photo set is up on Flickr. Enjoy.

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