Some writer I am…

October 5 2012

Here’s why I’ll never be an especially great blogger. On Wednesday, I’m emigrating to South Africa with my family. This is my last day of full work in the UK, possibly forever. It’s a big, huge move and enormously stressful and emotional in many ways. Yet I’ve not written anything about it here.
I have many posts half written, from musings on the high cost of living in South Africa and how it’s doomed the country to be split into two economies for the foreseeable future, to things I’ll miss about the UK – like free health care, public transport and delicatessens that sell tasty Mediterranean treats.
These posts are unlikely to be finished for a while yet though, as instead of taking a few weeks off to enjoy the move, write my novel and ponder the greater significance of these things, I’ve been saying goodbye to people and working desperately hard to try and finish the work I have to do before I go.
Damn that protestant work ethic.

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