Photos by a four year old

May 30 2011

This site needs a lot of loving. It needs a complete makeover and turning into a proper portfolio place, where the blog is secondary or possibly just a Tumblr feed. I’ve been a busy lately, with lots of work and side projects going on.

For example, I’m now blogging regularly at PC Gamer‘s new site, acting as their hardware news puppy. That takes up most of the free time I used to have. Plus there’s a new sort of super secret launch I’m putting together for myself.

As a bit of light relief, we’re letting Tabby play around with cameras too. She’s only four and has the bug already. They’re  going up at Photos by a four year old, which should have been a Tumblr blog really, but this will do. That’s one of her shots on the left, there. Got a good eye she has.

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