March 21 2011

Despite the fact I have a ton of work backlogged up, and I’m trying to get two new web projects underway, what I’ve actually been doing for the last couple of weeks is preparing for, photographing and then editing photos from the wedding of a couple of good friends – the awesome comic book writer Kieron Gillen and curator of fine poetry Chrissy Williams. It was an honour and a privilege to be asked to photograph their wedding, even though it’s a job way above my actual photographic skills.

Once they get back from honeymoon I’ll ask if they don’t mind me showing off some of the pics here, because I’m really happy with some of them. So much so, I’m actually thinking of trying to shadow a ‘real’ wedding snapper for a few days to see how to get the few shots I missed.

Also, I hope they’ll let me post some here because this is a post about photography without any photos.

The dangers of trying something new, though. Very, very time consuming…

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