How important is open source for international development?

March 11 2011

Interesting questions raised over at the journal of IT and International Development in a special issue published today: Open Development. I’m still reading it, will share thoughts when I’m done.

March 17 2011 @ 01:14

Open source is king – you may have heard of this, but still well worth a watch. Currently living in a developing country, Nicaragua, I can say that none of this accessable and certainly not by post…. In the future, with a sea change in infrastructure reliability (eg. less power cuts) I can see a real potential for growing enthusiasm in the mighty world of open source. Until then most people will probably remain drunk…. ‘cos it’s easier.

Cheers, Owen

(p.s. not read the pdf’s as 80 pages was slightly more than I felt I had time for! But I’m interested in the topic. Keep up the good work Adam!)

March 17 2011 @ 15:22

Dude – long time no speak. How’s South America treating you. Loved that doc – I spent a bit of time with the guys behind RepRap in the UK when I was living in Bath. 3D printing is definitely coming of age.

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