Big smackdown in Ironforge

November 15 2010

Pile on!

I used to play WoW far too much, but really haven’t had time to do much other than stick my head in occassionally to say hello to friends lately. I am enjoying the pre-Cataclysm expansion events though. The final phase before the in-game world gets changed irrevocably kicked off today and I caught an early part of it by accident. The major cities – Ironforge, Stormwind, Ogrimmar, Thunder Bluff – get overrun by elementals, causing almost every player currently online to pile into the same location and fight them off. It’s quite the experience… probably a hundred or so players in one space when I logged in It’s a guess but we reckon there were around three hundred players on Stormwing docks at one point,  and then four bosses to fight afterwards.

A lot of people on elephants, queuing for the next event.

Seriously, it's a lot of elephants.

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