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October 20 2010

One thing I love about being freelance is the diversity of projects I get involved with. The thing I like less is that I often go through phases where I’m just too busy to write about them all. In the last week, I’ve reviewed laptops and headphones, produced a video and magazine feature about multithreading technology in game engines, edited a report into violence against children in Africa, interviewed a load of telecoms folk about the next 12 months in phone lines, written up an interview with headmaster George from Simakakata and taken part in an interesting local news/storytelling project with the Brighton Future of News Group.

Fortunately, the lovely Jo Townend has been able to write the latter up (as has the equally lovely Sarah Booker). Go read.

When I was at university, I worked on the student radio station. The news editor – a very talented chap who went on to work for the BBC – told us we should enjoy our time there, because we’d never get chance to do stuff as creative and varied once we were out in the real world. I’m glad he was wrong.

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