What do Obama and Andy Coulson have in common?

September 9 2010

Not the Obama parody you're looking for. Still my favourite though.

The four tone image of Obama looking like a modern day Che Guevera was a brilliant graphic device upon which to hang his presidential campaign. It was post modern and eye catching, and critically didn’t use the communist red and black so it stood out from all the other Che-pastiches that have cropped up over the years so it felt fresh and new.

There is nothing clever is pastiching the pastiche. Maybe once or twice, a couple of years ago. But I don’t understand how it finds its way into pretty much every story now. I’m so tired of it I won’t even link to the prominent political blog that’s using the Obama’d face of Andy Coulson as a graphic today.

Andy Coulson. Ex-News of the World ed, Conservative spinner-in-chief, back under scrutiny for allegedly authorising journalists to listen in to celebrities’ voice mail. Obviously a political diarist looking to defend Coulson’s reputation is going to comically reference the election of the first black president of the United States. The parallels are immediately clear.

Aren’t they?

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