A little linkage: Latest reports from ReliefWeb

September 30 2010

After a little light reading for the weekend? One of ReliefWeb‘s morning mailouts (there are lots of them everyday) has a round up of aid agency and UN reports which are well worth downloading. As usual I’m posting this before I’ve actually read them, but will try and write up a few thoughts on the content later.

Revolution: From Food Aid to Food Assistance - Innovations in
Overcoming Hunger

Irish Aid Annual Report 2009: Focus on Poverty and Hunger

Pearson Peacekeeping Centre: Annual Report 2009-2010: Paths to Peace

Towards Universal Access: Scaling Up Priority HIV/AIDS
Interventions in the Health Sector - Progress Report 2010  - UNAIDS

Voting with their feet: A review of refugee participation and the
role of UNHCR in country of origin elections and other political processes

Human Development Research Papers (HDRPs): Thematic research on key
issues and concepts of human development

At a Crossroads: Humanitarianism for the Next Decade - Save the Children

Gender Justice: Key to Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Status and Prospects for Smallholder Milk Production: A Global

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