Doorstepping UK Music

April 1 2010
Shut out but the message gets across.

Shut out but the message gets across.

This lunchtime’s flashmob organised by the Open Rights Group in protest against the Digital Economy Bill drew a crowd of about 35-40 people. By far the politest protest I’ve ever seen, they mostly milled around outside the headquarters of UK Music wearing policeman’s hats for an hour, dropped off a mocked up ‘disconnection notice’ and went back to work. Obviously more numbers would have had a greater impact, but I thought it was actually a pretty good turnout, and didn’t deserved the cynical sub who changed the headline and standfirst on my write up for TechRadar after it had been initially published. Not a lot the writer can do about that though.

More impressively, the ORG has managed to raise £20,000 in just a few days to fund an advertising campaign encouraging MPs to stop the Bill being pushed through parliament before the election. People aren’t that apathetic, then.

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Elliot Hughes
April 1 2010 @ 21:42

I did think the headline was a bit out of place with the tone of the rest of the article. (Your photo has me looking at the camera too unlike the one at techradar)

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