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January 21 2010

Astonishing pre-Photoshop eyes.

Astonishing pre-Photoshop eyes.

There’s an story over on  National Geographic about the life of an Afghan woman made the cover of the magazine (and several books) back in the days of the Soviet occupation. The photographer is the alternative Kevin Carter – he hunted her down in the Tora Bora mountains (where Bin Laden is purported to hang out) to find out what’s happened to her since.

Not only is it an engrossing story, it’s one of the first pieces of journalism I’ve read about Afghanistan for a long time that actually helps me understand a bit about what life is like there. Well worth a read.

October 25 2010 @ 20:01

Nice, neat work! Happy I came across your post first to have read this!

kelly a
April 23 2011 @ 04:55

you may want to check steve mccurry’s site.. he’s responsible for that image.

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