Kyrgyz pictures up…

September 14 2009

Claudia at work

Claudia at work. My shots are but a poor reflection of her amazing images. Not worthy to carry her lenses and all that.

Lots up on my Flickr site. Enjoy.

Mary G
September 14 2009 @ 20:34

Welcome back and well done for keeping up the blogging. Looks and sounds like an amazing place. Really looking forward to reading your feature now. (I’ll be expecting you to sport your new felt hat at the November knees-up too.)

September 14 2009 @ 20:47

Hehe. Cheers Mary, an incredible place indeed. Just a week to go for you now isn’t it?

Mary G
September 15 2009 @ 11:14

One week tomorrow! I am more nervous, excited and unprepared than you’d ever believe. How bizarre and surreal. I still feel like Charlie, after finding the golden ticket in my chocolate bar.

And then I come down to earth and realise I have a mountain of work to shift before I can go anywhere. Bah.

September 15 2009 @ 11:36

Hah – yeah, working like a dog the week before you leave, then working even harder when you get back. I know that feeling well…

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