25 tips for Linux newbies

September 1 2009

I’m really enjoying writing the occasional list feature for TechRadar lately, giving me reason to jot down thoughts which I should by rights probably have published here long ago and just got too busy. The latest is a quick introduction to Linux which I hope covers most of the pain points for anyone thinking of switching from Windows – a move I wholeheartedly endorse, natch.

On the busy front, been ludicrously so trying to clear my desk for the Kyrgyzstan trip next week – a feat I’ve almost accomplished and just need to nail down interviews with Orange and Vodafone for a feature due at the end of this week. Otherwise I’m burying my head researching more about the country and the issues I’ll be investigating once there.

No idea what access to WiFi or even a mobile phone is going to be like, but will be doing my best to blog at least once a day and post regular Twitter updates again while I’m out there.

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