The Zopatrope

August 5 2009

I love this idea – Zopa – which facilitates direct loans between those who have money and those who want some without the intermediary of a bank. It’s a bit like a credit union for people who already have a credit rating, or Kiva for richer societies. They take a cut and you’re exposed to the risk of defaulters (although loans are spread over several agreements to minimize exposure), but if I had money to save/invest right now, I think this is where I’d put it. Well, here and Kiva, naturally.

I hope that when they get a bit better established they branch out into managed micro-credit for those without a good credit rating, so it’s not quite so elitist.

August 7 2009 @ 20:19

hi Adam
CONGRATULATIONS. Really, really well done getting through.
Have to admit I’m a bit gutted for missing out, for exactly the same reasons that you mention – contacts, meeting commissioning editors etc. Hopefully they’ll run it again next year.
Any idea where you’ll be going and with which NGO?
best of luck

August 7 2009 @ 20:19

oops. commented on wrong story. doh!

August 7 2009 @ 20:42

Thanks Ciara,
Sorry you didn’t get through – I really enjoyed your story too, thought it definitely deserved to make the cut. Mind you, they all did so no idea how they made their minds up… Fingers crossed for next year!

Don’t know which NGO I’ll be visiting yet – apparently all is revealed on the briefing day in a couple of weeks.



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