AMD’s Richard Huddy on Google’s Chrome OS

July 17 2009
Richard's blog at AMD

Richard's blog at AMD

I’m just putting the final touches to a feature for PCFormat about DirectX 11 which is essentially a stitching together of two interviews, one from an AMD spokesperson and one from NVIDIA, about how the two companies see the new graphics API that’s coming with Windows 7 and what it means for both gaming graphics and GPGPU computing.

There’s a snippet about Google’s Chrome OS from AMD’s Richard Huddy which isn’t related to the final piece.

“As a company that loves competition in the industry we have no problem at all with supporting Chrome. From a philosophical point of view there’s absolutely no loyalty to Microsoft. We clearly love working with Microsoft and they’ve driven this industry really hard over the last ten years or so, but we’ll love the competition as well, and Google will engender the same loyalty and passion that people have towards Apple when it comes to MP3 players…

We love all these alternatives and transitions, not just as a business, but because they give us the interesting cadence of our lives where we have this new tech to play with, this new experience we can create for consumers, this dramatic newness to the world.”

A similar sentiment, albeit more enthusiastically put, to NVIDIA’s excitement about Google’s forthcoming OS.

On which note, there was quite a stark contrast in the two interviews on DX11 between how “wildly, insanely excited” Huddy claims to be about the new tech coming through for its own sake, and the way the NVIDIA spokeperson kept steering the conversation round to the potential for the DirectX Compute element of DX11 – which accelerates video transcoding under Windows 7 – to open up a new market for graphics card sales to people who wouldn’t normally buy them.

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