Pictures from Tehran University

June 15 2009

As the papers have picked up on today there’s some incredible stories appearing on Twitter and various blog sites from protesters in Iran who have functioning internet connections. I used to work for an Iranian woman in Exeter whose family fled the country after the revolution in 1979 – haven’t spoken to her in years but I imagine she’s fairly distraught at the moment. She always wanted to go back, but being a divorcee married to a white guy who was running her own business, didn’t really fit the model of acceptable female behavior the Supreme Leader proscribed.

There are some fascinating pictures here of destruction inside the university where @Change_for_Iran was Twittering while under siege last night. They’re all haunting and macabre, in a non-gruesome way, but this is the oddest.



What was in the elevator that they needed to get in so badly? Can you imagine being on the other side of that? And, most importantly, don’t elevator doors slide open? Why go to the bother of battering it down when a simple crowbar would do the trick?

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