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April 14 2009

Meant to post this last week, and no doubt I’ll get round to a proper write up with correct branding on the LearnAsOne site at a later date, but here’s a quick personal thanks to Dave and Alex at Kaizo who’ve helped secure a donation from Flip of one video camera for the first school building project.

The popular Flip camera, coming to an African school nowhere near you

The popular Flip camera, coming to an African school nowhere near you

If everything goes according to plan, the camera be a vital part of the ongoing work LAO does, enabling the first school to post regular video updates to the site as and when new equipment and books arrive. Or if they just want to say hello, of course. This whole charity-meets-social-media thang is as much about making and maintaining relationships as it is all the fundraising and transparency issues it addresses.

Steve at LAO is working to very limited budgets at the moment, so not having to buy a camera is enormously useful.

Personal update on the project: plane tickets are booked, essentials bought* and am slowly putting together a list of stories I want to write while I’m out there. The first couple of features post-trip are lined up, and I’m helping Steve and a PR chum to put together a press release to try and tempt more outlets into covering the story. If you’re a major news outlet and would like to cover said story, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

* This involved walking into an Army surplus store and asking for a rucksack that doesn’t look remotely related to the military. Wearing khaki or camo is almost certainly a bad idea, and not in the usual fashion disaster sense.

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