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April 22 2009

This post is purely to help anyone who’s happened across this site while googling for a Zambian Visa form. You see, despite the generally helpful nature of everyone I’ve spoken to about the great twitter/fundraising experiment that is LearnAsOne, I’ve been a bit worried I wouldn’t actually be let into the country.

The Zambian High Commission in London has a lovely website which explains that you can apply for a Visa by post and get it within five working days. Perfect. Only the link to download said visa form is broken. I tried calling the embassy about… ooh… 100 times over 14 days, only to be met with the most perfect phone IVR, which directs you first to the Visa desk, then to the main reception, then to the original menu, and then hangs up on you. It never, ever connects you to a human being.

Never mind, I thought, I’ll just email them explaining there’s a problem with their site, so they can fix it. Two day’s later the email is bounced, server unknown.

I had a couple of meetings in London today, so put off sorting this out until I could see them in person. As luck would have it, the M4 was closed. After three hours of sitting in a slightly lower holding pattern around Heathrow than I’m used to, we gave up trying to get into the capital and turned around to drive home. Sorry Earth Day, I am fail.

Fortunately, Steve from LearnAsOne did make it to the Embassy, and they provided him with a working link. So anyone who’s found this post looking for a Zambian Visa request form, click here. Don’t all thank me at once.

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