Fear of the dark

March 29 2009

It would appear that the little one has finally developed a fear of the dark. This is unfortunate. Since she was six months old she’s slept through the night with the door closed and without the need for a night light. The last few days, she’s lept out of bed as soon as we’ve gone downstairs, crying about ‘scary’.

She’s also going through a ‘want to be with Mummy phase’. On the one hand, it means I’ve had a few lie ins lately, which were nice. On the other it means I’m being rejected by a two and a half year old, and since we’re back into the alternating routine of morning shifts, the daily routine begins for me at 5.30 with a screaming temper tantrum. Her, not me, I hasten to add.

That meant that for a couple of nights we thought she was faking it with the scarys, and trying to get Mummy back into the room. Oops. Bad parents.

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